We recommend Lenovo Business and Professional class products. These Lenovo products titled “THINK” are best in class and superior to all other PC manufactured products. Design, safety, and reliability make these units ideal for the heavy business user and home user alike. Warranty and customer support are ranked #1 in the industry by independent researchers at and .

Lenovo’s business class computers come with 1 yr or 3 yr standard onsite next business day service repairs if needed. Laptops have an outstanding next business day prepaid overnight shipping for repairs with a normal turn around time of 2 days after pickup. At Lenovo customer support staff answer phone calls immediately and are pleasant to deal with. Warranty services are a breeze. Quick to the point, immediate case setup and superb repair service when needed.

If your looking for reliability, strength and performance along with the best warranty in the industry there is no other option than Lenovo THINK brand products.

Tablets seem to be the current flavor of the month right now and it seems everyone is introducing their own product into the marketplace. We are seeing 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″ and 10″ tablets ranging in price from $80 through $700.

So how do you know whats for you, what will work and what are you using it for. These are just a few of the questions you should be considering when purchasing a tablet. Is it a novelty item for your children, an entertainment toy for yourself or do you need something more practical that will run your business. Regardless of the need or price range we can find a tablet for you. Call us or stop by and let us help.

    Networking for you home or office can be as easy as plug and play or it will have you pulling your teeth with complex switching, multiple router configurations, dmz, point to point protocol, bandwidth management or multiple wireless access points.                         At The Mouse Pad we make networking easy and understandable. Detailed diagrams if requested with network maps and device settings as needed can be provided to you. Whether your goal is to add a wireless printer, clean up or install a cabling run, setup second workstation or connect a remote office 1000’s of miles away we solve network issues. We use quality products with hassle free warranty services and we stand behind what we build. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

Whether your sitting in front of your desk all day, playing games for extended periods of time, or you need that high resolution monitor for your newest graphics project. Even if you just need an economical monitor. We have them all. Purchasing from our major supply distributors allows us to obtain quality monitors for any situation.

At The Mouse Pad we carry a full line of high quality computer parts ranging from memory and hard drives to power supplies and video cards. Many hard to find specialty items are also kept on hand as well. Major parts carry best in industry warranties for your protection and piece of mind.